Saturday, November 9, 2013

My First Studio Project

I've been really busy these past few months because I was VERY fortunate enough to land my first animation studio gig at Titmouse this past summer (THANK YOU Michael Moloney)! I animated on Metalacalypse: The Doom Star Requiem A Klok Opera. It was an absolute INCREDIBLE experience, and I was so happy to be apart of the team! I've met so many talented people whom I've befriended, and they greatly inspired me to push myself during this production! Thank you all for making my first experience in this industry one I'll never forget! :'D

I'm also so grateful that the studio decided to keep me around after this project for the time being! So I'm currently animating for another show, but I hope to continue posting some stuff here when I can. Although I'm definitely slowed down not only by work, but by the fact that I can't use my computer space at home because of a broken outlet...... So I can't even draw anything (digitally) for myself even if I wanted to for now.... though I should really try to draw traditionally more often anyway, though..... haha!