Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some Animation Key Frames

Here are some key frames from an 11 Second Club animation I'm working on completing from the June challenge. They're in order from top to bottom. There are a couple of frames where his mouth or arm is missing (especially on the second page), but I'm working on animating the arm and lip sync on a separate layer later. I exported these from Flash, and though they look light from far away (I don't understand why....), they look fine up close. I have most of the inbetweens done for this character, though there are two other characters he's interacting with that I haven't finished all the roughs for yet. But they just make subtle movements, so I hope to finish them quickly.

And I used the grid in Flash to make sure I was lining up the poses evenly enough, but I kinda liked the look of it for some reason, and kept it in. I hope it's not too distracting.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish this along with all the other animations I have roughed out soon, so I can have a new character animation reel!

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